Built-in intelligence dating app with augmented reality.

Now you can find your match - easy ... without fear and blame .... and fun like a game!

L.O.B.O.K – Any Relationship With No Obsession
knows how to talk!
What exactly is
L.O.B.O.K ?
Today L.O.B.O.K is a dating startup that aims to solve two awkward issues:

Problems associated with fears to start dating and continue it. The first steps in dating, how to start conversation, related imprints, fears of responsibility and further common activities, stereotypes, intimate, sexual and other verbal transaction frustrations. When there is a motive and desire, but the form of expression suffers.

Fresh idea and in-trend app.
We meet an "exceptional" challenge of offering a new gaming experience in the dating app that will make L.O.B.O.K a popular, exciting and leading app in the industry.

L.O.B.O.K - dating applications + desktop version
Who is
We are already aware that today there are more than 10 thousand online dating services in the world, and this number is growing every year.

L.O.B.O.K is primarily built on the same principles as the other dating platforms. The application will give people the chance to find their match and it has all necessary tools for that.

However, there is a point! We solve the awkwardness:)
L.O.B.O.K has a built-in intelligent bot that will be an assistant in any new acquaintance and communication with enthusiasm, without fear and blame.

Definitely, on behalf of its boss.
L.O.B.O.K for?
Seriously, the user can delegate the processes of starting and continuing charting after choosing the person she\he likes.

Having already "easy" start
and a history of mutual messages, the user makes a decision to continue or not to continue chating and further communication.
Play L.O.B.O.K
and become an angel on the black or white side.
L.O.Bot – your friend and assistant
It will become your good counselor, an interesting company and will never you dawn. You can watch and talk to L.O.Bot and soon even hug it:)
The visual world of A.R.
L.O.B.O.K is your personal door to the digital reality matrix...
Our research has shown that the some people experience difficulties and embarrassment when starting a conversation with a person they like.
We want to solve these problems. To achieve this, we design L.O.B.O.K. It will be an exceptional game with the purpose to enjoy easy communication and comfort.
L.O.B.O.K highlights
Unusual L.O.B.O.K app chats with its own user. A "live" video-avatar (you can select it) messages you, holds a conversation and behaves like your "friend".

The L.O.B.O.K dating app gives you the opportunity to meet people who are looking for any type of relationships.

Augmented reality (AR). When the camera is turned on, the user will be able to watch his "assistant" in real-time, take funny selfies, and also see relevant offers and promotions from people and companies.

L.O.B.O.K game - Nonvirtual Yin and Yang strategy :)
L.O.B.O.K - is a pleasant, erotic, intriguing atmosphere for dating, communication and exciting time.
Why is this app better than others?
It provides a "solution" of the problems and difficulties how to start and keep on communication. The other dating applications are not equipped with these features.
It has a "game" component; it endows the user with a character for communication. A decisive point to develop a new application is the bright fascinating game and entertainment elements.
It provides a chance to meet people who are looking for any type of relationships, including different sexual preference.
It is a pioneer among apps presenting a smart bot system.
Today the dating app niche experiences "hunger" for a new and unique project.
The name is associated with flirting, fairly erotic, arousing fantasies and desires.
Road Map
Q1 2021
Beginning of the work on the project, forming of the team L.O.B.O.K
Research of the dating market and competition analysis
Concept formatting, large-scale questionnaire
Intermediate and finalized resume research
Q2 2021
Development of the web app for the presentation of the app idea
Creation of the technical task from the core spectrum of the idea, functions, and unique features of the L.O.B.O.K app
Formatting concept monetizing of the project
White Paper. Creation of the smart contract, release of the coin LBK. Bounty company for the LBK project

Q3 2021
Beginning of the development process for the L.O.B.O.K app
Design creation, layout, and presentation of the tiser
Preliminary advertisement company L.O.B.O.K app
Testing of the virtual bot and his video incarnation

Q4 2021
Demo Version of the L.O.B.O.K app
Running in and research improvement modules, system, and video content
Implementation of unique gaming video content users avatars/profile pictures
Promotion monetizing project and listing of the LBK token
Q1-2 2022
Listing on a dating market Alfta-version of the L.O.B.O.K app
The full launch of the app + desktop version
Full advertising company of the app

Large-Scale client attraction
Symbiosis of the LBK tone with the LOBOK app and its market value
Capitalization growth of the entire project

Q3 2022 and after ...
Advertising and bringing in more users into the L.O.B.O.K dating app, growth in the number of users
Release into the TOP of the popular dating apps
Development and new gaming system introduction, more appealing application
Development of all modules and systems of the app
Enhancements and support for strict app reliability

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